High-speed steel circular saw blade

Features of high-speed steel saw blades: Saw blade dressing machines (also known as (saw blade grinders)) can be used to repeatedly sharpen the teeth. The sharpened saw blades have the same cutting life as the new saw blades, improving production efficiency and reducing costs. .


High speed steel saw blade is a saw blade with a large amount of carbon (C), tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr), vanadium (V) and other elements. After heat treatment, it has high thermal rigidity. As the cutting temperature of high-speed steel is as high as 600 ° C or above, the hardness still does not drop significantly. The cutting speed of saw blades made with it can reach more than 60 meters per minute, which is why the high-speed steel saw blade is named.

According to chemical composition, it can be divided into: ordinary high-speed steel (high-speed tungsten-molybdenum alloy steel HSS-DMO5) and high-performance high-speed steel (high-speed tungsten-molybdenum alloy steel HSS-C05).

According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into: smelting high-speed steel and powder metallurgy high-speed steel.
Use of materials

Materials are: M42, M2, high-speed tungsten-molybdenum alloy steel, high-speed tungsten-molybdenum-containing cobalt alloy steel;
Production range

Saw blade outer diameter: 8-500MM saw blade thickness: 0.1-23MM