How to choose and use cutting saw blades?

How to choose the right saw blade?

A. Basic data: ①speed of the main shaft of the machine. ②thickness and material of the processed workpiece, ③outer diameter and aperture of the saw (shaft diameter).

B. Selection basis: Calculated from the spindle rotation speed and the outer diameter of the saw blade to be matched, the cutting speed: V = π × outer diameter D × rotation speed N / 60 (m / s) The reasonable cutting speed is generally 60-90 m / s.

Specific suggestions:

Material and cutting speed
Cork 60-90 (m / s)
Hardwood 50-70 (m / s)
Particleboard, plywood 60-80 (m / s)

Excessive cutting speed, large machine tool vibration and loud noise, the stability of the saw blade is reduced, the processing quality is reduced, the cutting speed is too small, and the production efficiency is reduced. At the same feeding speed, the amount of cutting per tooth increases, which affects the processing quality and the life of the saw. Because the blade diameter D and the spindle speed N are power functions, in practical applications, it is most economical to increase the speed reasonably and reduce the blade diameter.

C. Price-quality ratio:

As the saying goes: “Cheap is not good, good is not cheap”, it may be true for other commodities, but it may not be true for saw blades. The key is matching. Many factors on the job site, such as the equipment sawing object, quality requirements, personnel quality, etc. Carry out a comprehensive evaluation, choose the best things rationally, just right, to save expenses, reduce costs, and participate in industry competition. This depends on the mastery of professional knowledge and the understanding of similar product information.


Correct use:

In order to make the cutting blade play its best performance, it must be used strictly in accordance with the specifications;

A. Saw blades of different specifications and uses have different blade angles and base forms, so try to use them according to their corresponding occasions;

B. The size, shape and position accuracy of the main shaft and splint of the equipment have a great influence on the use effect. Check and adjust before installing the saw blade. In particular, the factors that affect the clamping force of the contact surface between the splint and the saw blade and cause displacement and slippage must be eliminated;

C. Pay attention to the working conditions of the saw blade at any time, and abnormalities, such as vibration, noise, and material feeding on the processing surface, must be stopped and adjusted in time, and sharpened in time to maintain peak profit;

D. The sharpening blade should not change its original angle, to avoid the sudden hot and sudden cooling of the cutter head, it is best to have a professional sharpening

E. Cutting blades that are not used temporarily should be hung vertically to avoid lying for a long time, and the pile should not be pressed on it. The cutter head should be protected from collision.