How to identify high-quality aluminum alloy saw blade

With the increasing use of aluminum alloy saw blades in life, many people are prone to misunderstandings when buying. In order to allow everyone to buy high-quality aluminum alloy saw blades, we will teach you how to identify high-quality aluminum alloy saw blades.


We all know that the aluminum alloy saw blade is composed of a saw plate and an alloy saw tooth. Then, the selection is also based on these two parts. The alloy saw teeth currently used are basically imported. The alloy particles used in high-quality saw blades are thicker and larger. Because such alloy teeth can be sharpened many times and have a long service life, the welding quality of the alloy is also very important. The weld seam should be thin and uniform, so that the teeth can withstand Greater cutting force. The quality of the saw blade and saw plate should also be our concern, because the saw blade adjusts the rotation, it must not only transmit the cutting force but also maintain the stability of the work. A good saw blade not only has static geometry and accuracy, but more importantly its dynamic characteristics.


The dynamic stability of the saw blade is particularly important for the precise use of several saw blades in groups. Therefore, when choosing an aluminum alloy saw blade, we must carefully consider each part of it. The above selection method is for reference only.