What does the aluminum alloy saw blade do?

Aluminum alloy saw blades have been initially applied in the automotive spare parts, pneumatic tools, and hydraulic tool processing industries. Because of their small sawing paths and low material consumption, they have become more and more popular in the market. The use of aluminum alloy saw blades in the processing of furniture, building materials, automotive parts and pneumatic tool parts can effectively improve the utilization rate of materials, reduce energy consumption, and increase the added value of products.


Characteristics of ultra-thin sawing aluminum alloy saw blade: small sawing path width, less loss of cutting material and high yield. This saw blade is 18% -30% narrower than conventional saw blades. By reducing the cutting loss, the utilization rate of non-ferrous metal materials can be greatly improved, saving resources and increasing benefits. The sawing power consumption is low, which effectively reduces energy consumption. ; The minimum tooth width of ultra-thin aluminum saw blades has reached 1.0mm, which can meet the processing requirements of some ultra-narrow saw paths.


Many users who use ultra-thin aluminum alloy saw blades are easy to encounter the problem of large swing of the saw blade. The thinner the aluminum alloy saw blade, the more likely it is to jump. Under the same conditions, the saw blade with the same outer diameter is ultra-thin. Aluminum alloy saw blades have greater runout.


The reasons for the deviation of the saw blade are as follows: 1. The material and design of the saw blade; 2. The spindle accuracy of the aluminum cutting equipment.